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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kingdom Hearts II - Game Cheats for PS2

Kingdom Hearts II - game cheats for ps2

Unlockable : Bond of Flames
ps2 cheat code - You have to complete the battle againts Axel in Twilight Town.

Unlockable: Fenrir
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Sephiroth, and you may choose Hollow Bastion Boss.

Unlockable: Follow the Wind
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Barbossa in Port Royal.

Unlockable: Guardian Soul
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Hades in Underworld section of Olympus Coliseum.

Unlockable: Gullwing
ps2 cheat code - Talk with Yuna after defeating Hades in Underworld.

Unlockable: Hero's Crest
ps2 cheat code - Defeat Hydra in Olympus Coliseum.

Unlockable: Hidden Dragon
ps2 cheat code - Defeat Shan-Yu inside The Land of Dragon.

Unlockable: Holy Pumpkin
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Test Subject in Halloween Town.

Unlockable: Monochrome
ps2 cheat code - Defeat Pete in Timeless River.

Unlockable: Oathkeeper
ps2 cheat code - You have to complete Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.

Unlockable: Oblivion
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Xigbar in The World That Never Was.

Unlockable: Photon Debugger
ps2 cheat code - You have to complete Space Paranoid.

Unlockable: Rumbling Rose
ps2 cheat code - You have to talk to Beast after going back to Beast Castle.

Unlockable: Sleeping Lion
You have to go to Ansem Study in Hollow Bastion.

Unlockable: Star Seeker
ps2 cheat code - You have to obtain Valor Form in The Mysterious Tower.

Unlockable: Sweet Memory
You have to complete Spooky Cave Mini-Game in Hundred-Acre Wood.

You have to obtain Ultima Recipe in the underground room in the mansion of
Twilight Town. After you finish, you can use Moogle Shop to collect the

You have to defeat Jafar in Agrabah.

Unlockable: Wonders of the Abyss
You have to complete Chapter 4 of Atlantica.

Unlockable: Secret Ending
Complete whole world and Jimmy Journal if you're in Standard Mode, or just
complete whole world if you're in Proud Mode.

Unlockable: Chicken Little
You can get it in Hundred-Acre Wood World. It gonna be available after the
second cutscene.

Unlockable: Genie
ps2 cheat code - You have to defeat Volcano and Blizzard Lord.

Unlockable: Peter Pan
ps2 cheat code - After the second visit to the Port Royal, you will found it inside a ship
in graveyard.

Unlockable: Stitch
ps2 cheat code - Once you got it in Master Form, you will get it in the hallway to the
computer room in Hollow Bastion.

Unlockable: Gummi Ship Level 2
You have to get Level 1 with Rank S, A, or B.

Unlockable: Gummi Ship Level 3
Get Level 1 and 2 with Rank S, A, or B.

Unlockable: Special Models
You have to get S Rank in Gummi Ship Mission.

Unlockable: Berserk Mode
You have to reach Metal Level from the 30th Level.

Unlockable: Hades Paradox Cup
ps2 cheat code - Get four of the drive forms and summon until 7th level.

Drive Gauge Filler
ps2 cheat code - For the form you'll get later, there is a faster way to refill the drive gauge. First, after refilling the drive gauge, do the drive normally. Before the drive gauge empty, use safe point to exit World Map. Get back and your drive gauge get back maximum.

For the second way, you can use Olympus Colloseum. Enter and exit one of the tournament, your drive gauge will be also maximum again, no matter what you got. That means if you have an empty drive gauge, you can refill it to maximum with the second way. Remember, later summoning will also require drive gauge, that means it's not that easy.

Easy Colliseum Points
ps2 cheat code - After you got an Ukulele Charm close to the Computer Room in Hollow Bastion, go to Underworld Colliseum Match and summon any Stitch. When you use it for the second time, wait for the appearance of Ohana in the limit space. Use it, and press square button four times. Then, if there's still a time, use triangle. After all of those things done, you will have time to use it again. If you've done it, you will have many points, but no monster killed.

Perhaps you think this is useless, but if you want to watch Secret Ending in Normal Mode, you need to do this trick to complete the amount of points you have. We use this points to complete Oympus Coliseum Jimmy Journal.

Master Form Fast Mastery (Fastery)
Upgrade Monster Form level by going outside the corridor Ansem Laboratory.
Leave the Lab and go to the main room. Three Crimson Jazz will show up.
Turn to the master form, defeat the enemies, and collect all of the orbs
they dropped and keep moving to the other enemy. It's impossible to kill
them with only one change. When the drive gauge going empty, go to Olympus
to recharge. You can found seven Crimson Jazz with the total score between
0 until 80 XP everytime.

Unlock: Hades's Paradox Cup
Upgrade summoning level and all drive (including Fibal Form) to maximum.

Alternate appearance:
Acquire the Drive ability, then during any objective based fights,
complete the fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the
transformation appearance for the story event that follows.

Defeating Axel:
This battle is a bit difficult because Axel has long range attacks.
Since he launches most of his attacks straight ahead, approach him
from the side. When his body envelopes in flames, this signals that a
strong attack is coming, so get some distance between you and him, and
get ready to avoid it.

Defeating Dusk:
At the start of the battle, you will find that your weapon has no effect
on Dusk. However, after a short while an intermission sequence will play
and you will gain the Keyblade, which will allow you to damage him. It
should only take 5 hits to defeat him.

Defeating Flailer:
At the start of the battle, a dark energy will surround Roxas. Then,
the screen will fade to white, and Roxas will be trapped in the air.
When Flailer approaches and is about to attack, use the Reaction Command
to break free and attack him. Then, Flailer will rush up and grab you.
Use the Reaction Command when it flashes to knock him off the platform.
The Station will turn upside down and Roxas will slide off, using his
Keyblade to hang on. Flailer will generate a sphere of dark energy and
launch it at you. As it approaches, use the Reaction Command and Roxas
will throw his Keyblade through the attack and knock Flailer down. Next,
target his head and start attacking him before he stands back up. When he
stands up, he will begin to do various attacks, which includes summoning
smaller enemies. Use the Reaction Commands to reach his head, and try to
avoid his attacks. Eventually, his attack pattern will reset and you will
go through the Reaction Command sequence again. If you take a lot of damage,
make sure to use your potions.

Beat Xemnas:
This battle is really easy. So just get a lot of potions. First Xemnas
puts a ball around you that drains away your health and he teleports to
the top of the skyscraper. Run up to the skyscraper and do a facedown
reaction command. When you're running up the skyscraper make sure you get
the clash reaction command. When you're on the ground run over and attack
Xemnas, but watch out, he'll probably gaurd.
When he swings his light sabers just jump over him. Xemnas
will guard and swing his light sabers again and again.
Then Xemnas will put the ball around you again. Repeat the process.

If you want to beat Xemnas's final form(Englich Version no clue about Japanese Version),
just use reraction commands.Riku will heal you with potions,and when Sora is caught and
you have to be Riku,whenever the clone comes up,use Dark Aura spell.When you have to block
all the laser swords,just keep pressing Triangle button.Then finish him off.