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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fifa 2008 PS2 Game Cheats

Fifa 2008 game hints for ps2

Here's the best team... I think! 3-4-3:

GK: Cech
D: Fedinand, Terry (c), A.Cole
M: Lampard(RC), Fabregas, C.Ronaldo, Gerrard(FK/LC)
F: Ronaldinho, Messi, Drogba

Subs: Buffon(G), Bale(D), Kaka(M), Richards(D), Ronaldo(F)

PS2 Game Hint
How to make a rubbish team classic - Edit the teams players and put there overalls to 99.

PS2 Game Hint
If you are startin a carreer then to start with cassh for upgrades then create players at stats of 99 save them as the team you want to be then when you start you can sell them and use the money else where.